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This is a 1940's postcard of the Hermosa Beach Strand and Biltmore Hotel.

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What you are reading is an example of a "weblog entry" that is on The HBNA Community Weblog.

Local news and information will be posted in The HBNA Community Weblog, regarding the Hermosa Beach community and its neighborhoods.

And as you will see, each "weblog entry", is a news story that has a title and the date when the weblog entry was posted to The HBNA Community Weblog.

The different "weblog entrys" are like news stories in a newspaper. They are repeated numerous times like the numerous separate stories in a newspaper or magazine.

So a "weblog" or The HBNA Community Weblog is made up of numerous "weblog entrys" that are different weblog stories that follow each other on the same webpage.

A "weblog", also known as a "blog", is part of a website that has news stories. That makes a The HBNA Community Weblog something like a local newspaper or magazine that you read for local news and information.

The main difference between newspaper and a "weblog" on the Internet, is that you get to The HBNA Community Weblog by using your web browser on your computer.

And the next major difference between a weblog and a newspaper is that The HBNA Community Weblog is interactive for all the users of the weblog.

What is an interactive weblog? It means the moment that you finish reading a "weblog entry" or news story, you can post your comments on the news story immeadiately. And your comments can be viewed immeadiately.

Please respond with your ideas or opinions by clicking on the, "comments" link. The underlined hyperlink, "comments", is in a blue font at the end of each weblog entry. The "comments" form will allow you to submit your ideas or opinions regarding the story in the weblog entry.

You are now able to view all the HBNA weblogs and discussion forums in The HBNA Web Community.

Would you like to "submit a comment" on a weblog? Please read: The HBNA Quick-Start Guide that follows.

Once again, thanks for taking part in the start up of The HBNA Web Community.

The HBNA Quick-Start Guide

How do I use THE HBNA MENU?

The HBNA WEB MENU on the upper left side of this HBNA Community Weblog page.

The HBNA WEB MENU includes hyperlinks to the, "HBNA Community Calendar". the "HBNA Discussion Forums", "The Hermosa Beach Community Survey" and the "HBNA Web Links Page". These links are underlined and in a blue font.

Please click on the links in the HBNA WEB MENU order to go to that HBNA Weblog page.

All weblog pages of the HBNA Web Community are viewable by anyone who has reached the HBNA Community Weblog.

So how do I "submit a comment" or "post a reply"?

In order to "submit a comment" in the HBNA Weblogs, you will be asked to log-in with your user name and password

If you do not have a user name log-in and password, you will be asked to register. When you register can fill in your user name and the name you want to appear in your postings.

You will have to fill in your e-mail address when you register. Then when you submit your registation, your password will be e-mailed to you.

Your profile information will be kept private and we will not contact you unless you have asked us to. We will not sell or give out your e-mail address.

Once you have registered and you have recieved your password, you can log-in. If you want, you can change your password or your profile information once you have logged in.

You can change your password and profile information by clicking on the link at the top of this page that says, "My Profile". Once the "My Profile" page comes up, you can update your information.

If you are having any problems, with anything on the HBNA Web Community, please click on the "admin" link at the end of any weblog entry. You will then be able to e-mail your question.

If you have any other questions, please:

E-mail the HBNA at:

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