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  The HBNA Newsletters for April and March of 2006 

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2005 in Hermosa: the year of the punch line, Part I, II and III

 The HBNA Newsletters for 2007

 The HBNA Newsletters for 2006

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The HBNA Newsletter for October 6, 2006

HB City Council to consider restaurant CUP - The Hermosa Beach City Council is scheduled to consider an application by the owner of the Hermosa Pavilion to build a new restaurant at his property at 1601 Pacific Coast Highway.  The issue of the multiuse commercial property is sure to attract a sizable number of residents who have been opposed to the owner's vision of his property for some time. Many, like Kammi Howlett, live directly adjacent to the property on the east of PCH and do not appreciate the impacts of the large building on neighborhood streets. In July, Howlett publicly testified at a council meeting that patrons of 24-Hour Fitness (a Pavilion tenant) consistently use her neighborhood as a parking lot and place to change. The council subsequently ordered Shook to grant two free hours of parking at his facility to alleviate the problem. At that meeting, Councilman Sam Edgerton warned Shook that he was in jeopardy of losing the community's support for a proposal to construct a new upscale restaurant on the premises.  In addition to the council's consideration of the impacts of the Pavilion on neighborhood streets, the city's Planning Commission was simultaneously addressing Shook's proposal to construct the Stillwater Contemporary American Bistro, a new 7,038-square-foot restaurant.

Read more:

The following agenda item was posted on The City of Hermosa Beach website on Friday afternoon, October 6, 2006:



7:30 pm - Council Chambers, City Hall 1315 Valley Drive





RECOMMENDATION: To sustain the Planning Commission decision to approve the request subject to conditions of approval as contained in the attached resolution.

At this webpage: More Information on this Oct. 10, 2006 City of Hermosa Beach Public Hearing

What do you think?  Are New Alcohol Outlets in Hermosa Beach a Good Idea?

Read the opinions of Hermosa Beach residents and include you own.  

Hermosa Beach police chief takes aim at troubles - After spending two months sizing things up, the lawman says he's ready to make some changes.  Greg Savelli has spent years restoring an old house in Palm Desert.  As the new chief of Hermosa Beach Police Department, he can reach the property more quickly now than when he worked in Central California.  Slowly and steadily, it will get done.  And that attitude seems to match Savelli's perspective on his new role as leader of Hermosa Beach's law enforcement, and how he will mend a department beleaguered in the past year by internal strife and external attacks.  "I'm being a sponge, taking it all in," Savelli said. "I can't turn things on their end unless I have a plan."  The 47-year-old said he is almost ready to present his plans for the department to the city manager.   Slowly and steadily, it will get done.   Savelli wants to turn around misperceptions outside the walls of the station as well. Some citizens, he said, believe the department serves Pier Plaza at the expense of residential Hermosa Beach. But the new chief insists that's not true -- and he wants to prove it. 


Has Crime and the Quality of Life gotten Better or Worse in Hermosa since 1998?

Read the opinions of Hermosa Beach residents and include you own.


City of HB looks at sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola - The city of Hermosa Beach is currently considering entering into an agreement with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company to place vending machines at various locations within the city. The matter will be heard at the council's next meeting Oct. 10.  The potential agreement first drew attention after a staff report detailing the proposal appeared on the agenda for the Parks, Recreation and Community Resources Advisory Commission's Sept. 5 meeting. At that meeting, the commission unanimously approved a recommendation that the City Council should approve a proposal calling for the installation of nine vending machines at various locations within the city. The report includes several details of the proposal, including a $25,000 “donation” to the city's “Centennial Account.” In particular, the vending machines are to be placed at the Community Center, City Hall, South Park, Valley Park and the basketball courts adjacent to Clark Field. 




7:30 pm - Council Chambers, City Hall 1315 Valley Drive   



a.     COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT. Memorandum from Community Resources Director Lisa Lynn dated October 3, 2006.

RECOMMENDATION: The Parks, Recreation and Community Resources Advisory Commission recommends that Council approve the agreement between the City and Coca-Cola Bottling Company to accept Centennial sponsorship of $25,000 and install vending machines at select City locations for the period of one year.

Against vending machines in parks - Hermosa Beach is accepting donations for the city's centennial in 2007. Most are given without strings attached. Others require a contract to be approved by the City Council for a one-time sponsorship deal such as Kraft Foods' largest beach blanket event.  A particularly disturbing “donation” will be considered by the council Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 7:10 p.m., the Coca-Cola sponsorship contract. The donation requires a contract permitting commercial vending machines to be placed in the city's parks that will dispense $1.50 and $2 canned drinks.  Once these vending machines are installed in the parks, the city's addiction to the token revenue will make them very difficult to be eliminated as were the advertising bus benches 18 years ago and their numbers will likely grow year by year.  This donation is not a revenue-raising method in the people's best interest. The cash revenue will come from the city's own children and their parents visiting the city parks or cash from children walking to and from school, which may be meant for their lunch or other, cash spent for overpriced sodas of dubious value. 



Letters to the Editor - Thanks from committee - On behalf of the Centennial Committee, we would like to thank the community for embracing our fund-raising event and making a beautiful quilt of hands on the skate park wall this past Saturday.  Our centennial vision has always been to include the neighborhood and local organizations however we could to make Hermosa's birthday celebration a community effort. It was so much fun to see families, friends and neighbors come together and share in the festivities.  This is the first big community event in getting ready for Hermosa's 100th birthday and we have many people to thank who made this day such a success. The Kiwanis Club, Neighborhood MOMS, Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch, HBAF Supreme Paint, JOL Designs, the Hermosa Beach Police Department, all the volunteers who kept smiling, the Community Resources staff, and a special thanks to Mike Flaherty and his Public Works team who not only made sure our citizens were safe but the environment as well.  The community will have more opportunities to contribute their handprints to the wall. Please look for the Centennial Corner in the paper as well as reference our Web site,  for updates on all programs and events.  Maureen Ferguson, Laura Raymond, Co-Chairs, Centennial Committee, Hermosa Beach

Read more: 



Hermosa Beach - About Town - Eatery stalled - City officials will take another look at plans for a 7,000 square-foot restaurant inside the Hermosa Pavilion mall on PCH just north of Pier Avenue, after some residents expressed concern about closing times and an additional alcohol-serving establishment near downtown.  The City Council placed Stillwater restaurant’s conditional use permit on hold and agreed to hold a public hearing on the matter, probably in October. Stillwater is described as an upscale eatery with adjoining wine and cheese shops. The restaurant area would be larger than the Union Cattle Company restaurant, which occupies a large building on Manhattan Avenue just off Pier Avenue. 


Hermosa's Pier Avenue change? They hate it - If there was any confusion about how Hermosa Beach residents like a new configuration of Pier Avenue, it's likely been cleared up.  Nearly three dozen residents and business owners blasted the project Wednesday at City Hall, sending a strong message to city officials that a temporary reduction of the city's main artery from four lanes to two was not going smoothly.  The tone of the meeting was set quickly Wednesday, when the Public Works Commission chairman introduced the topic as "improvements" to Pier Avenue, and the audience responded with hearty and audible disapproval.  "I do not want to hear boos or jeers this evening," Chairman Victor Winnek told the crowd packed into the City Council chambers and the lobby.  But residents did have their say, and about 30 approached the dais one after the other to slam a project they believe has congested the city's main drag and forced more traffic onto neighboring streets.  

Read more: 


Residents want Pier Avenue back to four lanes - Local residents appeared en masse last Wednesday night to deliver a clear message to the city about the Pier Avenue Striping Project - return it to the way it was.  Bowing to community pressure, the Public Works Commission voted unanimously to end the test along upper Pier Avenue and return the street to its original condition, excluding a stop sign at the intersection of Bard Street and Pier Avenue.  As with all recommendations from city commissions, the City Council will have the final say in the matter. The council is expected to consider the striping project at one of its two meetings in October.  In addition, the council will be asked to decide upon a body known as the “Pier Avenue Enhancement Committee,” an ad hoc committee charged with overseeing the recommendations found in a 1994 study known as the Downtown Implementation Plan.   The study divided the city's business district into three categories: Lower Pier, Hermosa and Upper Pier. It listed two goals for Upper Pier: To create a comfortable shopping environment for the community and visitors; and to ensure that there is a design link between Upper and Lower Pier so both areas work together and enhance the character of downtown. 




7:30 pm - Council Chambers, City Hall 1315 Valley Drive  



a.     PIER AVENUE IMPROVEMENT PROJECT. Memorandum from Public Works Director Richard Morgan dated October 2, 2006.


RECOMMENDATION: Form a design oversight committee comprised of two members of the Public Works Commission, the Planning Commission and City Council; review public comment regarding the trial striping layout on Pier Avenue between Hermosa Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway; direct staff to either terminate the test striping and return to four lanes of traffic or to leave the two lane option in place; and, if the direction is to return to four lanes, authorize staff to issue a change order to PCI, Inc. in an amount not-to-exceed $20,000 to remove existing pavement markings and provide new striping.


What do you think of the Upper Pier Ave. Improvement Project?  

Do we need 2 lanes or 4 lanes on Pier Avenue?

Read the opinions of Hermosa Beach residents and include you own.

HB re-striping data doesn't line up - This is regarding Friday's story "Pier Avenue chathe nge? They hate it."  Hermosa Beach Public Works Director Rick Morgan is quoted as saying, "(Hermosa Beach residents) didn't like the traffic data and the video showing them anything different than what they felt. I realize the traffic counting is a science and then there's perception."  I vociferously disagree with Morgan. The traffic counts are indeed data, but they are not information. Nor was the data gathered scientifically. We cannot draw conclusions from the data alone.  The traffic counts are averages only, apparently collected only on Mondays through Thursdays, and are not a viable statistical sample of traffic flow. Traffic counts should include peaks and valleys, not just averages, as the design point for traffic flow must consider peak periods (warm weekends in summer), not just weekday commuting.  Read more: 



Hermosa mulls a Coke deal - City officials are considering an old beach cities mainstay — the Coke deal — to help pay for events planned for 2007’s year-long Hermosa Beach Centennial celebration.  A proposed agreement between the city and Coca-Cola would call for the beverage giant to donate $25,000 to the Centennial effort. In return Coke would be allowed to install nine vending machines at Hermosa parks and other locations for one year, with 30 percent of the machines’ proceeds also going to Centennial activities.  The city stands to get 41 cents per beverage sold from the vending machines, perhaps as much as $20,000 over the course of the year, in addition to Coke’s $25,000 donation, according to a report by Hermosa Beach Community Resources Director Lisa Lynn.  The machines would be tucked up against existing structures at Valley and South parks, the Clark basketball courts on Valley Drive, at City Hall and at the nearby Hermosa Beach Community Center, Lynn said. 

Read more: 


Sergeant will face charge of vandalism - The Hermosa Beach officer is suspected of defacing a car in a Torrance neighborhood.  The Torrance City Attorney's Office on Wednesday filed one charge of misdemeanor vandalism against a Hermosa Beach police sergeant accused of defacing a car while off duty.  Steve Endom could face up to a year in county jail and a $10,000 fine if convicted of vandalizing the car of a Torrance resident on Sept. 6, said Deputy City Attorney David Caceres.  An arraignment date has not been set, but dates are usually scheduled about 60 days after charges are filed. The Torrance Police Department will send Endom a letter ordering him to appear in court that day, Caceres said.  The City Attorney's Office would not elaborate on the details of the alleged crime, saying only the car's damage consisted of paint removal.  A source close to the case previously told the Daily Breeze that the son of a friend of Endom had broken into his home, and Endom retaliated on the son's car.  

Read more: 


Wrongful death claim filed in traffic death of teenager - The City Council on Tuesday rejected a claim for damages from the parents of a 15-year-old Hermosan who was struck and killed in a busy intersection in March. The administrative claim filed by William and Ellen Wright could be the first step in a wrongful death lawsuit against the city.  The Wrights contend the city failed to install traffic lights or take other pedestrian safety measures at Pacific Coast Highway and 16th Street, where their son Ian was struck as he crossed PCH on a scooter.  A traffic light had been planned for some time before the accident, and was installed shortly after Wright was struck.  The Wright’s claim did not specify the amount of damages sought. The claim names Caltrans as a defendant along with the city of Hermosa Beach.  Read more:  


Peter Mangurian: owned Scotty's on the Strand - An eccentric member of Hermosa Beach's political and business community died last week of complications from a stroke. Peter Mangurian, 79, was a retired doctor, restaurateur and property owner.  Mangurian inherited several parcels of land situated directly to the south of the Hermosa Beach Pier. Some of the businesses currently operating on his property include two restaurants (Scotty's on the Strand, Bambooz), an architect's office and the St. Francis Arms apartment complex. Mangurian's property represents some of the last undeveloped land along the entire South Bay coastline. In 2004, Mangurian was quoted in a local publication stating that he had no intention of developing his properties because “I'm dying.”  In addition to real estate and medicine, Mangurian was active in local politics, running for a seat on the City Council in 1991 and again in 1993. According to a report published in the Daily Breeze, Mangurian's 1993 campaign focused on “Police Department indifference to complaints about noise and drug problems downtown.” His first priority if elected was “to clean up the business district.” Both bids for office were unsuccessful. 


HB Police action draws fire - An incident on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 16, that resulted in the arrest of a mortgage broker is once again drawing attention to the conduct of the Hermosa Beach Police Department.  Enrique A. Coello lives in the 900 block of 18th Street in Hermosa Beach. While hosting several friends at his house late Friday night, police officers responding to a noise complaint appeared at Coello's residence and placed him under arrest at approximately 1:24 a.m. Despite being arrested at his residence, Coello was eventually charged with being drunk in public.  According to Coello, Officer Gaetano Lobue reportedly first approached his home through the rear entrance after unhooking a latched gate. Lobue then allegedly shined a flashlight through Coello's sliding glass door to get everyone's attention. 

HB Pier restaurant denied extended hours - A request by the owner of a pier plaza restaurant fell on deaf ears Tuesday night as the City Council voted unanimously to deny the Mediterraneo restaurant permission to remain open until 2 a.m.  The restaurant's owner, Tommy Short, appeared Tuesday night alongside his attorney to plead his case. When the public hearing began, Short's attorney, Albro Lundy, introduced his client to the council.  Short began by thanking the council for providing “full representation” (the hearing was continued in July due to the applicant's wish to have the matter heard by a full council). He argued his case by comparing his restaurant to other establishments in the area.  While several people rose during the public hearing to oppose Mediterraneo's request, the majority of speakers Tuesday night spoke in favor of granting it permission to remain open until 2 a.m. The restaurant's supporters included local residents, other restaurateurs and the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce. Many stressed the need for Hermosa Beach to have a restaurant that catered to an older clientele not interested in some of the other pier plaza establishments.   Read more: 



7:30 pm - Council Chambers, City Hall 1315 Valley Drive   



PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION: Deny request for extended hours.

HB church marks centennial - St. Cross has been home to generations of Episcopalians and provided beach parking for many others.  First her grandparents in 1948, then her parents in 1971 and now Jennifer Brownlie is getting married at St. Cross by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in a few weeks.  She couldn't imagine taking the plunge anywhere else than the Hermosa Beach church.  Celebrating its centennial this weekend, the city's first church has baptized, wed, nurtured and eulogized four generations of Brownlie's family and thousands of South Bay residents for 100 years.  "Everybody knows your name there," Brownlie said. "You know every single person there. Everyone new is greeted and welcomed in. When I was little, I was always bringing my friends with me. It wasn't the kind of church you dreaded going to." 


HB Council wrap: new HB mayor seated - St. Cross centennial - The council officially recognized the centennial of St. Cross by-the-Sea. Edgerton presented three members of the church with a certificate honoring the organization's service to the community.


Sophisticated pot-growing operation discovered - Domestic dispute in Hermosa Beach allows law enforcement officers to discover room filled with cultivated marijuana plants.  Police officers called to break up a domestic dispute in Hermosa Beach found a little more than they expected -- a sophisticated marijuana growing room with about 25 high-quality plants, officers said Wednesday.  When the officers arrived at the Fifth Street home, they spoke with Sara Joy Frank, 29, who was alone. The officers could see that the home appeared to be in disarray as a result of a struggle, Hermosa Beach police Sgt. Paul Wolcott said.  



Recent goings on, at a Hermosa Beach downtown restaurant;


. . . a few weeks ago I happened upon a table of 10 women each with an eight inch plastic penis perched on the table in front of them as their place setting.” 


“ . . . it all came to a head when I saw three of them surround the table yelling at the family, penises flailing all over the place. “


The Easy Reader – August 24, 2006


Barfly – by Deb L.


Bachette Fetes: Ladies, ladies, what is going on here? 


I thought we were the fairer sex, the stronger sex, the not-so-stupid sex, but from what I have been witnessing lately with these bachelorette parties it’s like school in summertime – NO CLASS. 


Case in point: a few weeks ago I happened upon a table of 10 women each with an eight inch plastic penis perched on the table in front of them as their place setting.  No, no, no, I said to the group.  This is a family restaurant and it is only 7:30 p.m.  Please make haste with the penis paraphernalia until after 10 p.m. when we become 21 and over.  Well, did I get some attitude! 


First off, if I am ever lucky enough to get married, my bachette fete will consist of about four friends at a spa, getting rubbed and facialized and made up and do’s done while drinking champagne.  I don’t understand this oppression with the phallus that seems to happen right before the wedding – sorry mom, but I’m checking my man’s package well before I agree to wed – talk about waiting to the last minut.  


Back to the story.  So these classy broads were irritated and kept whipping out their props to take pics and then hiding them away all a’giggles.  This went on until a family of four, mom, dad and two young boys 4 and 7 years old sat down at the table next to them.  I thought I was home free. 


I assumed these ladies would have the decency to act right now that there were children in direct line of vision. 


Nope.  They got worse and it all came to a head when I saw three of them surround the table yelling at the family, penises flailing all over the place.  At this point I escorted them out the door. 


You know, a fake veil on your head and rock on your finger does not give you the right to act the fool and traumatize young children in the process – I heard the older child ask what it all meant and his mom said, “Your father will explain it to you when you get older.” 


I bet they didn’t plan on a sex-ed lesson when they decided to come out for some fish tacos!  So, I implore you my sisters, think before you act, be the lady you want everyone to think you are on your wedding day. 


Think about it, maybe that’s the reason more than half of all marriages end in divorce.  Karma.  It never sleeps . . .


Former councilman, activist Roger Creighton, 1938-2006 - Activist, longtime Hermosa Beach resident and former city councilman Roger Creighton died last week at the age of 68.  Creighton took his own life sometime last week and was found at his home late Thursday night by his son Dane. News of Creighton's suicide spread quickly through the city after details of the incident were made public. Creighton was known as a passionate figure who cared greatly about residents' quality of life. He was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and was scheduled to undergo surgery on Aug. 17, the day he was found. Some suspect his suicide was brought about by an unwillingness to go through a similar experience as his father, who succumbed to the same disease in the 1960s.  


The Beach Reporter – August 24, 2006


We Get Letters


Wasting money

Hermosa's council, residents and businesses know the Pier Avenue two-lane pavement striping experiment is a failure. Staff and implementation costs of $50,000 will have been expended for this error. Many residents and business people indicated prior to this mistake that it was not wise.

Many also warned that turning off a percentage of street lights was not a bright idea. Thousands were wasted on that trial. The council often has no use for what residents or even business people have to say as they're busy “moving the city forward.” In fact, it is forcing ideas on the people and businesses regardless of whether they're wise or not, rather than dealing with the mundane of street paving and reducing the escalating necessity of policing the bar district.

The council spends $100,000 every day. It fritters away $50,000 as if it were pocket change. It frittered away $45,000 in staff and consultant time to charge residents and mostly daytime businesses an additional street-lighting tax via a ballot measure that the property owners promptly voted down. That was to further subsidize the millions per year necessitated for late-night policing and public safety of the bar district.

Residents and business people for years have warned the councils in public and private that they were creating a late-night policing headache for the city with their gratuitous liquor approvals, but again the councils simply did not want to listen to the people as they were “moving the city forward.”

Howard Longacre, Hermosa Beach



 The City of Hermosa Beach 1907 - 2007

 Celebrating 100 Years of Beach Culture

 Hermosa Beach Centennial Press Release  

For more information, please contact Maureen Ferguson at 310-379-8890 or

For Public: Please visit or call the Community Center at 310-318-0247

Hermosa About Town - Show of hands - Hermosans are invited to leave their painted handprints on the walls outside the municipal skate park to mark the city’s 100th birthday next year.  For $5 per kid and $10 per adult, people can come to the park 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16, dip their hands in paint, leave an imprint on the walls and sign their names. Plans call for the handprints to remain up throughout 2007, gracing the walls along Ardmore Avenue and Pier Avenue. Proceeds will benefit Centennial events throughout next year.  The event is sponsored by Hermosa Beach Kiwanis and the Hermosa Arts Foundation. Also on hand will be Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch and the HBPD, offering fingerprint identification for kids.  


For more information call 318-0280, listen to the phone company recording, then hang up and dial 1-310-318-0280.  



H.B. schools maintain strong STAR numbers - The California Department of Education recently released results for its annual Standardized Testing and Reporting Program, also known as STAR. Based on results compiled from the Department of Education's Web site, students in the Hermosa Beach School District continued to exceed the statewide average across every subject tested, with large majorities scoring in the “at and above proficient” levels.  Superintendent Sharon McClain was pleased with this year's results and praised the achievements of Hermosa's students and teachers.  “Basically the district has stayed about the same overall, (there were) little ups and little downs here and there,” said McClain. “What the grade level teachers will do and the department teachers will do, in the middle school is take a look at their scores and compare them with last year and see how that goes. 


Suspected thief caught in stranger's car in HB - A resident's phone call to police about a strange man in a Hermosa Beach neighborhood helped officers Tuesday catch a suspected car burglar red-handed, police said.  A resident in the area of Manhattan Avenue and Fourth Street called police at 4:30 a.m. when she noticed a man enter a parked car through a rear door and use a flashlight inside, Hermosa Beach police Sgt. Paul Wolcott said.  A police officer who responded saw the car's right rear window was smashed and found the man lying on the front seat.  The man, identified as Akima Jamal Blake, 26, of Los Angeles, was ordered out of the car. He first claimed it belonged to a relative, but ran from the officer, Wolcott said. 


H.B. couple busted for pot operation - While responding to a domestic disturbance report, Hermosa Beach police officers stumbled upon a sophisticated marijuana-growing operation earlier this week that resulted in the arrest of two individuals and the seizure of 25 marijuana plants.  Justin Mark Albergate, 29, and Sara Joy Frank, 29, both of Hermosa Beach, were taken into custody shortly after police officers received a call on the afternoon of Aug. 22 alerting them to a possible case of domestic violence.  Officers Don Jones and Bill Charles arrived at 41 Fifth St. to assess the situation. After coming into contact with Frank (who was alone at the time), Officers Jones and Charles entered the residence “because of the allegation of domestic violence” and quickly discovered a room specifically maintained for cultivating marijuana.  


MB Police receive grant to help combat underage drinking - With grant money from the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, the Manhattan Beach police plan to focus on underage drinking.  The Manhattan Beach Police Department received $29,188 of approximately $400,000 in grant money given to Los Angeles County law enforcement agencies from the ABC. This money is part of $3 million allocated by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to 41 agencies throughout the state to fight underage drinking, penalize intoxicated patrons, and cut back on the illegal solicitations of alcohol and drugs.  In the past, police have conducted undercover operations to crack down on minors imbibing, sometimes using “minor decoys” to catch those participating in illegal activity. In the sting operations, minors, who are volunteers and usually recruited from police Explorer Scout programs, are sent to liquor stores to see if clerks will let them purchase alcohol without proper identification. In other incidents, a minor might stand outside a liquor store and ask adults heading into the store if they would purchase alcohol for them, said Sgt. Chris Vargas, who authored the grant application. 


Former Hermosa Beach councilman dies at 68 - Roger Creighton had a reputation among friends and political foes alike as a gruff but passionate watchdog.  Roger Creighton, a former Hermosa Beach city councilman known for a forceful but insightful approach to city politics, has died. He was 68.  The lifelong Hermosa Beach resident committed suicide in his home Thursday night after a short battle with prostate cancer, said son Dane Creighton.  Doctors recently diagnosed the elder Creighton with the disease and gave him a 50 percent chance of survival, his son said.  A civic activist elected to the City Council in 1987, Creighton was notorious for being fiscally conservative. He was often called a tightwad by critics. Creighton did not run for re-election when his term was up in 1991 but did seek another term in 1995 as a write-in candidate.  Creighton enjoyed weight lifting and had an imposing physical stature. He wore a suit and tie to every council meeting but often traipsed around town shoeless and driving old cars with bullet holes in the side.  In his nearly lifelong role as a Hermosa Beach watchdog, Creighton was steadfast, persistent and known for hauling opponents into court when he suspected wrongdoing.  


Study offers suggestions for Hermosa Reach police force reform - Use of force is found to be within reason, but changes to improve morale, recruiting are recommended.  Hermosa Beach police officers generally exert reasonable and justified levels of force with no evidence of abuse, but some refinements are necessary in the department's hiring, recruiting and training policies and procedures, an independent analysis of the department has concluded.  Consultant R.M. McCarthy & Associates calculated the department typically receives about five complaints of force a year. In 2004, the number increased to eight, less than 1 percent of all arrests; and dropped to two in 2005, according to the 70-page document.   Consultants spent nearly six months studying an agency beleaguered by internal discord as well as external attacks, finding the department should have addressed internal distrust, tension and low morale years ago and is subject to civil rights suits disproportionate to its size.  


 Fire Department frustrated by delays in Sharkeez investigation - In recent weeks, officials with the Hermosa Beach Fire Department have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress with the investigation into a fire that burned down one of the city's most popular bars, Aloha Sharkeez.  In a conversation earlier this week, the department's lead investigator, Capt. James Crawford, blamed bureaucratic delays within the city's Building Department for leaving arson investigators with little to show for their efforts.  “Well, the fire investigation has not been completed because of the holdup in the Building Department,” said Crawford. “It's all been held up.”   Shortly after the May 9 fire, investigators with the South Bay Arson Team entered the burned wreckage to begin an investigation, but officials soon halted their work due to the existence of asbestos-laden debris and the questionable nature of the structure's stability. One official with the Fire Department was quoted in the Daily Breeze as blaming the delay on “asbestos in a 400-square-foot acoustical ceiling in the area where the fire possibly originated.” In July, another spokesperson with the Fire Department told The Beach Reporter that investigators were “waiting for an asbestos report from the Building Department.”  


Report finds no problem with use of force - A consulting firm investigating the Hermosa Beach Police Department recently concluded that the agency does not have a systemic problem with respect to the level of force used by its officers. While declining to offer any formal criticism of the department or any individual officers, the firm did issue 27 recommendations in a 60-page report that seeks to improve the agency's internal policies and procedures.  The report was authored by Ron McCarthy and Sgt. Michael Mello. The two are principals with the firm R.M. McCarthy & Associates, a San Clemente-based firm that specializes in law enforcement-related matters.  City Manager Steve Burrell hired the company earlier this year to conduct a formal study of the Police Department's policies and procedures regarding the “use of force/deadly force.”  


Hermosa Beach – Crime Watch - BATTERY. A woman was reportedly the victim of an assault on Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 12:15 p.m. The victim was walking her dog near the 1600 block of The Strand when another individual jogging southbound allegedly stated, “You bimbo, get your (expletive) dog off the beach!” After ignoring the comments, the individual allegedly ran by again and said, “I told you to get your dog off the beach!” He then reportedly grabbed her by the shirt (near the neck) and started to pull her off the sand. Another individual reportedly managed to separate the two.


Police catch car burglar - A recent call to the Police Department led to an incident involving officers chasing an individual through the streets of Hermosa Beach on foot early in the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 15. Akima J. Blake, 26, of Los Angeles, was taken into custody after fleeing the scene of an interrogation near Fourth Street and Manhattan Avenue.  Police received a call from a local resident reporting suspicious activity at approximately 4:30 a.m. According to a press release issued earlier this week, the caller reported “seeing a man enter a small dark parked car through the right rear door.” The caller, a woman, continued to watch as the man used “a flashlight in the car.”  The statement goes on to state that Blake was observed by an officer “lying across the front seat,” of a car whose right rear window “appeared to have been recently smashed.”  


Man crashes car into Marina following evasion - A man drove a blue sport utility vehicle through a railing and into the Redondo Beach Marina last Friday after evading police.  Police fished the driver out of the water and took him to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, according to Sgt. Paul Wolcott of the Hermosa Beach Police Department.  Police first spotted the man driving west on Herondo Street at 7:20 a.m. A traffic officer noticed that one of the vehicle's front tires had blown out, and tried to pull the driver over.  


Tattoo artist sues to leave mark on Hermosa Beach - Johnny Anderson claims the city's unwillingness to allow a parlor violates his First Amendment rights.  Johnny Anderson wants to leave his mark on Hermosa Beach.  But because tattoo parlors aren't allowed in town, the Harbor Gateway tattoo artist this week filed a federal lawsuit against Hermosa Beach, alleging the city is violating his right to free expression.  "I'm not talking about damages," said Anderson, who has been tattooing for 10 years and charges $150 an hour. "I just want the shop. I just want the right to practice in Hermosa Beach."  The practice isn't outlawed in town, but the city's zoning code makes no mention of tattoo parlors, leaving proprietors no place to ink legally, said Robert Moest, an attorney for Anderson.  

City officially welcomes new chief - Hermosa Beach officially welcomed new Police Chief Greg Savelli at an event held last weekend in front of City Hall. The ceremony attracted a vast array of community leaders, including City Manager Steve Burrell, City Attorney Mike Jenkins, Councilmen J.R. Reviczky and Kit Bobko, and Mayor Pete Tucker, among others.  Savelli takes the reins of the department at a precarious time for the city. Several issues remain unresolved that could potentially cause great damage to the city's reputation and/or financial well-being. Foremost among them is a year-old investigation by the federal government stemming from the arrest of an off-duty LAPD officer in 2003. After the Los Angeles field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation last year, the case has since been transferred to the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. A spokesperson with the DOJ would not comment on the investigation, except to say that the matter is still open.  

The HBNA Newsletter for August 10, 2006

City officially welcomes new chief - Hermosa Beach officially welcomed new Police Chief Greg Savelli at an event held last weekend in front of City Hall. The ceremony attracted a vast array of community leaders, including City Manager Steve Burrell, City Attorney Mike Jenkins, Councilmen J.R. Reviczky and Kit Bobko, and Mayor Pete Tucker, among others.  Savelli takes the reins of the department at a precarious time for the city. Several issues remain unresolved that could potentially cause great damage to the city's reputation and/or financial well-being. Foremost among them is a year-old investigation by the federal government stemming from the arrest of an off-duty LAPD officer in 2003. After the Los Angeles field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation last year, the case has since been transferred to the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. A spokesperson with the DOJ would not comment on the investigation, except to say that the matter is still open.   

Hermosa About Town - Show of hands - Hermosans are invited to leave their painted handprints on the walls outside the municipal skate park to mark the city’s 100th birthday next year.  For $5 per kid and $10 per adult, people can come to the park 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16, dip their hands in paint, leave an imprint on the walls and sign their names. Plans call for the handprints to remain up throughout 2007, gracing the walls along Ardmore Avenue and Pier Avenue. Proceeds will benefit Centennial events throughout next year.  The event is sponsored by Hermosa Beach Kiwanis and the Hermosa Arts Foundation. Also on hand will be Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch and the HBPD, offering fingerprint identification for kids. 

For more information call 318-0280, listen to the phone company recording, then hang up and dial 1-310-318-0280.   


 The City of Hermosa Beach 1907 - 2007

 Celebrating 100 Years of Beach Culture

 Hermosa Beach Centennial Press Release

For more information, please contact Maureen Ferguson at 310-379-8890 or

For Public: Please visit or call the Community Center at 310-318-0247 


City benefactor Schumacher leaves lasting legacy in H.B. - One of Hermosa Beach's leading figures died last week, leaving behind strong ties to the community and a lasting legacy that includes one of the city's main landmarks being named in his family's honor.  Longtime Hermosa Beach resident David T. Schumacher died July 26 at the age of 86. He is most widely known for his work as an author, real estate magnate and philanthropist. His donation of $1 million to the city of Hermosa Beach helped fund the reconstruction of the Hermosa Beach Pier, which opened last November. In return, the city subsequently named the entrance to the pier “Schumacher Plaza” in honor of his brother, Paul. He is survived by his wife of 29 years, Margaret Schumacher.    


‘Taste' event to benefit historical museum - Hermosa Beach may be known for its sandy beaches, volleyball tournaments and lively bar scene, but connoisseurs of the local food circuit may also soon rejoice at news of the arrival of “Taste at the Beach,” a fund-raising event sponsored by the Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club. Taking place later this month, the event will allow people to partake in sampling some of the best dishes from a wide swath of the city's restaurants and wineries.  The event is scheduled to last from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 20. It will be held directly outside of the Hermosa Beach Community Center. Participants are encouraged to wander through the Hermosa Beach Museum to soak up the city's history, while enjoying the food and wine. More than 14 restaurants have already signed on to participate in the event, offering up a wide variety of styles, including Italian, Mexican and American dishes.  Tickets for the event are $50 per person and can be purchased online at  or by phone at (310) 318-0171.   

The Beach Reporter – August 10, 2006

We Get Letters

Not enough income

Hermosa Beach has a severe imbalance of late-night liquor-consuming visitors when residents are home. Cash from those visitors is going to restaurant operators, cabs and other associated entities, with a tiny trickle reaching the city to pay for the safe environment provided them.

City spending for policing and public safety is now $43,000 per day. Citywide, policing is stretched thin as an increasingly large share has to be focused in Hermosa's bar district to prevent riot, serious injury, death and property damage from the interaction of large crowds of intoxicated visitors there.

Council members of the last decade continue to be singularly obsessed in having more restaurant space selling liquor. They refuse to recognize the resident impact and simple arithmetic of how the policing and lawsuit costs related to this type of business continues to escalate while city infrastructure and staffing is in decline.  The city is receiving just $780 per day total from the city's portion of sales tax from all of the full liquor-selling restaurants citywide, yet still the city accepts and encourages applications for new and existing restaurant/bar businesses that want more square footage and with increasingly late liquor-selling hours.

Thus removal at election or by recall of those on council with continuing restaurant and liquor expansion voting records may be the only way Hermosa residents take back their city as this council and administration is not representing the long-term viability of Hermosa Beach as a residential and daytime beach city.

Howard Longacre, Hermosa Beach


Eroding welfare

Directly and indirectly, the welfare of every Hermosan is eroded by the proliferation of alcohol outlets.

The Hermosa Pavilion applicant plans a new 8,000-square-foot drinking destination that will radiate impact throughout our cherished neighborhoods, degrading our safety and living environment.

During a public hearing in July, the applicant's pitch was full of fluffy talk about cuisine, décor and culinary expertise, to distract from the inescapable issues.

An approval if granted would require evaluation in isolation. Aggregate impacts and high concentration of alcohol businesses within our community to be dismissed. Risk variables, complaints, public testimony and police service calls (alcohol-related) all to be dismissed as immaterial, to achieve the goal of increasing alcohol density. What is the benefit of increased alcohol density? The inordinate amount of city staff time to rehabilitate the pink elephant (1601, 1605, 1617 PCH) is a dismal failure if this alcohol land-use permit is granted by the city.


In the interest of neighborhood and community, the pending application submitted by the owner of the Hermosa Pavilion requires rejection-denial. This 8,000-square-foot commercial space then becomes an opportunity for the owner to focus on an ideal leasing option such as a professional (low-impact) office tenant to offset the popular high-impact gym tenant that operates 24/7.

The next public hearing regarding this matter is scheduled Tuesday, Aug. 15, at 7 p.m., in City Council chambers. Protect neighborhood and your safety.

Patty Egerer, Hermosa Beach



Should More Alcohol Outlets Be Added in Hermosa Beach?

Do More Alcohol Outlets Bring in Crime or More Tax Revenue?

Are more alcohol outlets needed for the Upper Pier Ave and on PCH?  


Attention: Hermosa Beach Residents Living Near 16th Street and PCH

Regarding a New 8000 sq. ft. “Restaurant/Bar” with “On Sale” Alcohol License


 Important Public Hearing at The Hermosa Beach Planning Commission  

 on Tuesday August 15, 2006 at 7 p.m.


Public Hearing for Stillwater Bistro at The Hermosa Beach Pavilion

Regarding An On-Sale Alcohol Conditional Use Permit

For More Information, Go To The Following Web Link:

 Still Water Contemporary Bistro at The Hermosa Pavilion 


City of Hermosa Beach Staff Recommended Action:

To approve said request.



Is Hermosa Beach Crime Becoming More Dangerous?  

What is Your Opinion on Adding More Alcohol Outlets in Hermosa Beach?  


The Daily Breeze – August 2, 2006



Hermosa Beach – Police Log


Battery: 8:30 a.m. July 19, 1000 block of the beach. The victim, a 16-year old girl, was walking along the water when a man, described as at least 19 years old, tried to strike up a conversation with her.  She turned back toward her summer camp group.  The man then attempted to give her his business card and said he wanted to see her feet.  The girl continued walking toward her summer camp group when the man grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him.  She pulled away and quickly walked away.  The man left.

Battery: 1:45 a.m.  July 21, 800 block of Bay View Drive.  The victim said he was walking and talking on his cell phone when he was attacked by two males, one of whom punched the victim and demanded his phone.  The victim was able to run away.

Battery: 1:52 a.m. July 22, 1600 block of Hermosa Avenue.  The victim was shot in the buttocks with a yellow paint ball, startling her and causing her to fall to the ground.  The victim and a witness both saw a dark colored four-door sedan leaving the area.  



Use of force backed, morale questioned - A consultant’s report generally backs Hermosa police officers on their use of force against suspects, but calls for some “refinements” to officer training. Use of force by officers has been criticized by some residents, and has led to a number of lawsuits against the department.  The long-awaited report by consultant R.M. McCarthy and Associates also recommends changes or increased scrutiny in areas involving officers’ morale and their mistrust of police management, and the use of volunteer attorneys to prosecute misdemeanor crimes.  On the question of force, the report, commissioned by city officials, expressed “concern” that the department’s use-of-force instructor, Officer John Sibbald, was involved in a “physical confrontation” with a civilian while off duty.  Addressing morale, the report suggests adding two more management-level positions to the department, in part to address the “critical” issue of a “lack of trust” in the department by rank-and-file members of the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association.   


HB Council won't give any more to schools - The council denied a request by local resident Kristine Keegan to place an issue on the agenda. Keegan lobbied the council to help the Hermosa Beach School District by donating funds to avert any potential cuts in school programs. Councilman Sam Edgerton described any donation to the district as “robbing Paul to pay Peter, because it's all public funds.” He added, “We already pay for crossing guards, it's about $60,000 a year; that does come out of (the) general fund.”  In addition, Edgerton pointed to an after-school center at South Park (used by the district rent-free) and the Wave, a transit service funded by the city that takes children from Hermosa View to South Park. “You look at those three things, they add up. So the city is already paying a significant sum to the school.” He concluded by stating, “I don't think it should be agendized. I don't think it comes at a good time either because I think this is more to do about Measure ‘J' than with anything else.”   


Man revived after collapsing in Hermosa Beach surf - Incident delayed start of International Surf Festival competition.  He was in the wrong place at the right time.  Minutes before the annual International Surf Festival was about to begin near the Hermosa Beach Pier early Saturday, some spectators saw a man walking along the surf, knee-deep in the water.  When he fell face down into the water, they thought it was some kind of a prank.  "At first they thought this guy was joking," said Terry Yamamoto, a captain with the Los Angeles County lifeguards. "Everyone thought, 'Oh, this clown.' All of a sudden, he wasn't moving."  Stunned beachgoers watched as rescuers pulled the man out of the water. He quickly revived after lifeguards put an oxygen mask to his mouth.   


New chief calls for cooperation - Amid the pomp and circumstance of a full-dress ceremony, the city’s new police chief called for a “strong spirit of cooperation” between officers and residents of the city they patrol.  Greg Savelli’s remarks came during the swearing-in ceremony on Saturday attended by top city officials, and by officers in dress uniform who stood in formation outside City Hall, chins up and arms straight at their sides.  In a ceremony of unusual formality for Hermosa Beach, a police color guard raised the U.S. and California flags while Sgt. Raul Saldana, once a professional horn player, served as bugler. Then Savelli raised his right hand and promised to uphold the laws of the land.  Savelli’s father Richard pinned the chief’s badge to his son’s chest, gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. An insignia was pinned to Savelli’s collar by one of his mentors, San Anselmo Police Chief Chuck Maynard.   


Hermosa voters reject higher fees - City officials will have to find another way to balance their budget after their proposal fails.  A pitch asking Hermosa Beach landowners to pay higher fees for street lighting and landscaping has fallen short, forcing city officials to find another way to bridge a $170,000 budget shortfall.  About 52 percent of 2,867 mailed-in ballots turned down the formation of a supplemental assessment district. The votes were weighted based on type and size of property, as well as the proximity of street trees and lights.  City staffers must now crunch numbers to find another way to pay for lighting and landscaping for the rest of the year, said City Manager Steve Burrell.    


HB School District will not put bond on November ballot - After making significant efforts to consider the placement of a new bond measure on the November ballot, officials with the Hermosa Beach School District declined to proceed with the matter and instead left the issue open for further study.  Prior to the decision, trustees had called a special meeting on Aug. 2 to hear public comments and gauge voter interest in supporting a new bond measure. The meeting was followed later that week with the news that trustees would consider the matter at their next public meeting on Aug. 8. The meeting had originally been scheduled for Aug. 9, but was moved to the prior day on the advice of the School Board's attorneys.  “The lawyers say it'll take a full day to pull the county filing together, so they'd like to have the resolution by the 8th,” said board Trustee Greg Breen. “So we put the bond on the agenda, and moved the meeting to Tuesday so that we could give the lawyers time to pull (the) county filings together in case we decided to go forward with a bond.”   


Latest Walk of Fame inductees honored - The induction ceremony for the Surfers' Walk of Fame took place last Sunday, drawing more than 80 people to the Hermosa Beach Pier to witness the city officially recognize some of the South Bay's most notable watermen.   Along with the inductees, the event attracted a diverse assortment of figures ranging from the inductees' friends and family members to well-wishers from the general public. Several city leaders were also present at the event that day, including City Manager Steve Burrell and four members of the Hermosa Beach City Council - Sam Edgerton, Michael Keegan, J.R. Reviczky and Mayor Pete Tucker.  After a member of the audience sang the national anthem, Tucker started the ceremony by asking everyone to join in a moment of silence for David Schumacher and Bill Meistrell, two of the area's leading figures who had recently died.   


H.B. voters strike down supplemental assessment - Hermosa Beach property owners voted down a proposal to create a supplemental maintenance district, making any future decision by the City Council a moot point.  An employee with the Hermosa Beach City Clerk's office confirmed the results by phone on July 26. Of 2,867 ballots received, approximately 52 percent voted against the district while 48 percent voted for the project, said Deputy City Clerk Jackie Drasco.  The votes were weighted according to the potential assessment assigned to a parcel, ensuring that “property owners who pay a greater share of the assessment have a greater say in determining the outcome.” Votes from property owners voting against the measure had a weighted value of $35,756, while those in favor equaled $33,749.  


HB City Council wrap - Restaurant appeal continued - The issue of whether to allow a Pier Avenue restaurant to extend its operating hours from midnight to 2 a.m. drew more than 30 people to the meeting, but the decision was put off until Sept. 26 after the applicant asked the council to continue the matter. The applicant, Mediterraneo Restaurant, made the request hoping to have the issue be heard by all five members of the council (Councilman Sam Edgerton was not present at the meeting).  The newest member of the council, Kit Bobko, issued a veiled critique of Edgerton for his absence. “It will be my policy that, I think all these issues that come up that significantly impact someone's interests - be it financial, personal, property - deserve a full impartial hearing by a full five-member council,” said Bobko.  


Hermosa Beach City Council - July 25, 2006, PUBLIC HEARINGS - TO COMMENCE AT 7:30 P.M.



City faces another police-related lawsuit - The Hermosa Beach Police Department had little time to celebrate a recent victory in federal court, as officials learned that yet another lawsuit was filed against the city, this time on behalf of an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Samuel Marullo, a homicide detective with LAPD's Southeast Division, alleges in his complaint that Hermosa Beach police officers violated his civil rights and inappropriately arrested him on July 31, 2004.  Marullo's attorney, Thomas Beck, is the same attorney who just recently represented 23-year-old Kenneth Agner with his complaint alleging Hermosa Beach police officers used excessive force in his arrest. According to a July 21 story in the Daily Breeze, jurors in Agner's case “rejected all but one of Agner's complaints.”  Marullo's complaint names the city of Hermosa Beach, former police chief Mike Lavin, interim police chief David Barr and six other Hermosa Beach police officers as defendants.  


HB bar plan a threat to public safety - This letter represents a plea that the Hermosa Beach Planning Commission and City Council exercise whatever influence they have to deny a permit for a 15,000-square-foot restaurant/bar at the Hermosa Pavilion. I currently own a business in Hermosa -- after 33 years in law enforcement for Los Angeles County. There was a time when I didn't think any city could have too many bars. What has happened to our little community shows me I was wrong.  The proposed monster bar at the Pavilion is not planned to meet the needs of the Hermosa drinkers. If every resident drank, we'd still have plenty of bars. It's an effort to draw drinkers and their wallets from out of the area. Make no mistake, that effort will be successful. As a former gang investigator, I found that every unsavory element imaginable between here and Riverside would find his way to the 91 freeway and drive toward the sun. That would drop them right here, about six blocks north of the proposed mega-bar.  



New Lawsuit Filed This Week: by a LAPD officer against the HBPD:

LAPD officer's suit says HB police falsely arrested him - Lawsuit alleges that ex-chief, others violated plaintiff's federal civil rights.  On the heels of a federal court victory for Hermosa Beach police, another lawsuit has been filed against the department, and this time the plaintiff is a Los Angeles police officer.  Samuel Marullo, a nine-year veteran based in the Los Angeles Police Department's Southwest Division, contends he was falsely arrested in 2004 on public intoxication charges after an incident on Pier Plaza.  The lawsuit accuses officers of unprofessional conduct on the day of the arrest and in court. The lawsuit names former Hermosa Police Chief Michael Lavin, interim Chief David Barr and six officers as defendants. It alleges federal civil rights violations and indifference to police abuse by the city.  


Jury OKs Hermosa officers' actions - All but one of the charges against city police in the July 4, 2003, arrest of Kenneth Agner are rejected.  A jury on Tuesday almost entirely rejected a lawsuit that alleged Hermosa Beach police officers used excessive force during the July 4, 2003, arrest and pepper-spraying of a man on The Strand.  The verdict came on the second full day of deliberations after a trial that stretched over two weeks stemming from a lawsuit filed by 23-year-old Kenneth Agner accusing the department and officers of civil rights violations, assault and battery, false arrest, infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.  


Jury backs police in pepper spray suit - A federal jury has vindicated Hermosa police officers by rejecting almost every part of a civil rights lawsuit by a man who was pepper sprayed during an arrest three years ago on the Fourth of July, police said. 
The five-man, three-woman jury deliberated for two days before unanimously rejecting Kenneth Agner’s claims of assault and battery, false arrest, negligence and filing a false police report. The jury split 7-1 in the favor of police on Agner’s claim of excessive force for the pepper spray, allowing his attorney Thomas Beck to continue pursuing that part of the lawsuit if he chooses. Beck was not immediately available for comment.  


Sharkeez owner awaits go-ahead for restoration - Work on the Hermosa Beach nightspot is being held for decision on 50 percent rule. Proprietor hopes it's soon.  But amid the booming music and bright lights of the center's bars and restaurants, Sharkeez -- the most popular of all -- is quiet and dark.  About 2½ months after it was ravaged by an early-morning blaze, restoration still has not begun at the nightspot, chiefly because the city is still calculating how much of the structure is intact, officials said.  How quickly -- and inexpensively-- owner Greg Newman can bring his bar back to the glory days of $5 million in annual sales hinges on the city's take on what is salvageable inside the wreckage at 52 Pier Ave., he said.  Both a Police Department spokesman and Newman told the Daily Breeze in May that nothing of Sharkeez could be saved. A structural engineer from the owner's insurance company, however, recently concluded 55 percent of the building remained, Newman said.  

Hermosa: Developer must provide free parking - City says members of 24-Hour Fitness didn't buy into Hermosa Pavilion's $1-per-hour charge, so it will have to drop the fee.  The owner, Gene Shook, said the order violates state and federal constitutional regulations.  It's a daily occurrence for Hermosa Beach residents like Kammi Howlett.  Every day, she sees a driver park outside her 17th Street home, change into workout clothes and sprint across the highway to the Hermosa Pavilion's 24-Hour Fitness center.  All that to save the dollar it would cost to park in the center's garage, Howlett said.  "It's just really offensive," she said. "I don't feel like I want to be in my house. ... It is constant. It's 24 hours a day."  


From the Crime Log – Courtesy of the Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch – July 10, 2006

Tuesday, 7/4/06 – Lyndon and The Strand – Rape - Very intoxicated female reported being raped on the Strand by unknown subject. Sorry no more info….

Pier Ave. traffic – All of Pier Ave. - The redesign of Pier Ave. had a huge negative impact on traffic and on the ability for Police/Fire to get around town. It frustrated beachgoers and residence who were trying to get through it.

Thursday, 7/6/06 – 700 Pier Ave. – Noise Compliant - Complaint about Club Saphire, Patrons very loud exiting/gathering in Vons lower lot. Police cleared people out without incident.

Saturday, 7/8/06 – Clark Stadium – Rape - 16 yr old female victim. Party at Clark Stadium Hall. She was dragged out and forced to oral cop and raped, no suspect information.


Read All of the Crime Log for July 2, 2006 to July 9, 2006   


Two Armed Gunmen Conduct Robbery and Carjacking at the Von’s Parking Lot on July 4.


ARMED ROBBERY/CARJACKING. A customer of a local supermarket was the recent victim of an alleged robbery and carjacking. The incident allegedly occurred in the 700 block of Pier Avenue on July 4 at 1:57 a.m. As the victim was about to enter his vehicle to leave the establishment, two individuals brandishing revolvers allegedly approached him. One suspect then pointed his gun at the victim's stomach and said, “I don't want to hurt you Š give me all of your money and your car keys.” A second suspect then physically moved the victim and stated, “Stand over here.” The two individuals then entered the victim's 2001 Jeep Cherokee and drove away. A third suspect driving a white van followed the victim's vehicle out of the parking lot. The victim's wallet, ATM card, cell phone and checkbook were all taken.  






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